India gets Belgian beer

08 February, 2011

Belgian beers Duvel and Liefmans have been launched in India.

The products are to be distributed by Cerana Imports and made their debut at a gala “uncorking” ceremony hosted by the ambassador of Belgium to India Jean‐Marie Deboutte and his wife Madame Regy Evenepoel Deboutte.

Deboutte said: “Duvel is one of the icons of Belgian culture and it is my pleasure to present the same to India, which is a large and fast growing beer market.”

Madame Deboutte launched Liefmans – a fruit beer brewed in Belgium.

Deboutte said: “For a warm country like India, sparkling Belgian fruit beers are pleasant and refreshing, and especially give women a much needed choice on beverage menus.”

The company will be rolling out its “Liefmans On the Rocks” initiative, which positions the fruit beer as a refreshing beverage for the Indian summer months.

Bram Vaerewyck, global export manager, Duvel Moortgat said: “We are especially excited to finally be in India. It took us almost a year, but in the end we feel we have found the right partner in Cerana.

“We see India as a large and strategically important market. It has a surprisingly discerning consumer market, and has strong acceptance of new tastes, and for top quality products. As Indian cities become economic and cultural powerhouses in Asia, we see Duvel and Liefmans as becoming… [a] part of the domestic gourmet traditions.”

Duvel Moortgat is the largest independently owned brewery group in Belgium. Duvel purchased the Liefmans brewery in June 2008.


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