Makerís Mark to launch new bourbon

20 May, 2010

Kentucky distillery Makerís Mark is to unveil a new bourbon.

Makerís 46 Ė the first-ever new bourbon from the distillery, save for the limited-edition (and now highly rare) Makerís Mark Select Ė differs from the regular Makerís Mark in that it is finished in a barrel containing 10 Ďsearedí French oak staves, for about three months. It will also be bottled at 47% abv (94% proof), compared with the regularís 45% abv (90% proof).

The staves, sourced from the Vosges area of eastern France, are aged for 18 months, then seared Ė a gentler process than full charring. Makerís 46 takes its name from the Missouri-based Independent Stave Company, where the staves are sourced: 46 refers to the number that the firm gave to the staves, which are exclusive to Makerís Mark.

Master distiller Kevin Smith said: "This is new. Weíve had some variations in proof before, but itís always essentially been the same liquid. Makerís 46 is very forward and spicy, with an almost-cinnamon nose. Itíll be all over the US from July. We like to do something new about every 50 years, and shake things up a bit!"

He added that if successful, Makerís 46 will be available in duty-free outlets globally, and then in key export markets, including the UK. Makerís 46 will retail in the US for $33, $10 more than the regular Makerís. Smith also revealed that the Makerís Mark distillery had just begun an expansion Ė its third, following the second in 2002 Ė which when complete, in 2012Ė2013, will treble the distilleryís original capacity.


Dominic Roskrow

The serious business of bourbon

This is most odd. Iím standing with two American gentlemen in the corner of a very swish steak bar staring at a surreal painting of what weíre being told is a ship exploding as it sails towards a lighthouse. I think.

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