G'Vine launches Nouaison gin in the UK

07 January, 2009
French gin G’Vine has launched G’Vine Nouaison in the UK.
French gin G’Vine has launched G’Vine Nouaison in the UK.  The product was launched exclusively in Germany last March and partners the first expression G’Vine Floraison gin.G'Vine is produced from grape spirit and infused with grapevine flower.  The gins represent the lifecycle of the vineyard, and whereas Floraison focused on the flowering period, Nouaison concentrates on fruit formation.The gin was awarded a trophy in Drinks International’s Gin Challenge. It is described as being: “Suave, spicy, subtle floral : intense and complex aromas of cinnamon bark, baked citrus, floral juniper follow through on a round, silky, zesty and robust entry.“Very sharp and with a solid character, it finishes with a powerful interplay of juniper, herb and flowery notes. Presents nuanced characteristics in the style of a classic London Dry gin.”The EuroWineGate brand is distributed by Eaux de Vie in the UK and the RRP is £28-30. 


Dominic Roskrow

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