Thomas Hine & Co 1978 Vintage Cognac

27 August, 2008
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Brand owner CL World Brands

Produced in France

Size: 70cl

Prices £195, E350-370, US$360

Abv 40

Markets worldwide


Thomas Hine, the Cognac house owned by CL World Brands, has released a 1798 "early landed and Jarnac-matured vintage Cognac".

Bernard Hine, from the original family, describes the 30-year-old Cognac as "rich and harmonious". Most Cognacs are blends from different years, as well as areas and barrels, without any age statement. Hine is one of the few to develop a portfolio of vintage Cognacs.

The term "early landed" comes from the tradition of shipping Cognacs to Bristol, in cask, within two years of distillation, where they are aged in bonded cellars. The atmosphere in the English west country port is more humid and cooler than Jarnac, so the Cognacs develop differently.


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