Royal Kiss

27 August, 2008
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Brand owner Thiébaud & Co

Produced in Switzerland (aroma), France (wine)

Size 75cl and 20cl

Price N/V

Abv 7.5

Flavours Piña Colada (new), Lychee, Lime, Cassis

Markets International


Thiébaud & Co has introduced new packaging and a new flavour to its Royal Kiss line of aromatised sparking wines.

Piña Colada flavour is a cocktail of sparkling white wine with pine apple and coco nut aromas, natural extract of lime and a touch of rum. An "ice bag" is offered as a "trendy accessory" for the bottle. Simply fill with water and ice .

Thiébaud & Co, a sixth-generation family business at Bôle in the vineyards of Neuchâtel, is known for its sparkling wines - which range from a light Fizzanti to the award-winning Cuvée Prestige Louis Thiébaud.

Royal Kiss products contain natural fruit juices and flavourings which undergo fermentation at low temperatures for between eight and10 weeks.


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