Romain Bouchard Domaine de la Grande Chaume Chablis

27 August, 2008
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Brand owner Romain Bouchard

Produced in France

Size 75cl

Price €17.95, £15.99 -£17.99, US$38

A bv 12.5

Markets UK, US, Denmark, France and Holland


This is said to be a new wine with a new style, packaging and target audience from Pascal Bouchard's eldest son, Romain.

The 32 -year -old took over the 3.37 h a domain, having rejoined the company in 2000, and has begun its official conversion to organic viticulture.

Aimed at Chablis lovers, the grapes were hand harvested in 2006 from the 2.82 ha planted , yielding 53 h l per h a . The average age of the vines is 27 and it produced 19,850 bottles last October.


Christian Davis

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