Jamie Fortescue

27 August, 2008
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director general

Confédération Européenne des Producteurs de Spiriteux

The pressure to take a more restrictive regulatory approach towards alcohol policy has often been driven by northern European countries, as witnessed by the recent media attention in the UK. In late 2006, with the adoption of its communication on alcohol -related harm, the EU took a more realistic approach to alcohol policy. By recognising the problem is not alcohol but alcohol misuse, the EU is signalling to the rest of the world that it acknowledges that higher taxation and limited availability - which target all consumers as opposed to the minority who misuse - ha s not worked and it's time for something new.


Joe Bates

Turning travellers into shoppers

In Cannes last month as I dashed around from stand to stand and from interview to interview amid a whirl of product launches and cocktail parties, I heard one question asked over and over again.

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