Sweden: Nigab to distribute Cinzano

05 November, 2009

Sweden: Nigab is to become Cinzano's Swedish distributor as of January 2010. Nigab already distributes some of Gruppo Campari's other products in Sweden, including Campari, Glen Grant, SKYY, Ouzo 12 and Wild Turkey.

Stefan Andersson, commercial director of Nigab said: "We are happy and proud that Gruppo Campari has once again chosen Nigab. We consider the choice a confirmation of our hard work over the past years, but we are also ready for new challenges. Working with strong brands like Campari and Cinzano is stimulating and exciting.

"Cinzano - and some of the group's other products like Aperol - have a promising future."

Cinzano was sold to Gruppo Campari in 1999. The company has a portfolio of ‘more than 40 international brands’.


Dominic Roskrow

The serious business of bourbon

This is most odd. I’m standing with two American gentlemen in the corner of a very swish steak bar staring at a surreal painting of what we’re being told is a ship exploding as it sails towards a lighthouse. I think.

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